Investigating time, mind, chaos, and properties of directed lines through painting and mixed media art. 



Women have a unique power to shape lives. From birth, to death, every step of the way, we are shaped by the women around us. The nature of influence may vary, the result of it is always meaningful.
In this series, I created a portraits of women, who shaped my destiny and made me who I am today.



Our mind changes them, turns them into distorted narrations, that flatten time and space into a single moment. They are  both literal and symbolic, each incorporates what we knew and felt at some point in the past, what we think about it now, and what we feel will happen in the future. Memories are trompe l'oeil fragments, constantly revised and reinvented, from which we construct what we call our destiny.  



We would like to think of it as an ugly rudiment of the savage times humankind has lived through. Yet it is always just "a shot away". War disrupts and distorts the ordinary world, leaving us with the samples of existential truth. If essence defines existence, dark times give us a clear understanding of what our reality is like when all masks are off.



The most effective representation of life, path, time, and potential is a simple tree branch. In the process of development, it selects a path out of multitude and each choice brings new alternatives. Each part of a branch is a version of the whole tree, just as a mountain copies a single rock, galaxy – a star system, and a human society – a single living being.



How can we see time? How can a constant incessant change that defines our world be captured in a single moment flat 2D art form? In nature, it is the direction that does the narration. In a tree branch we see in a single moment the past, present, and future. The "directionality" is retelling the whole path in a single moment.  



Recreating yourself, fitting expectations is the ultimate form of violence, the form of radical change. What drives us on this path? Where is it heading? Where do we take refuge if all we thought of ourselves turns out to be negotiable? New personas we create are more compatible with the outside world, yet more poisonous for the inner world. 

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Exploration of dynamic and static forms unconstrained by the need to reflect the reality.



Lost Pages

In the "Lost pages" series I explores the self-organizing properties of chaos. Out of the chaos new order appears, calling into question the permanence of observed reality, and our tendency to attach definitive meanings to things around us. 



Experiments and inspirations. Trials and errors.